Adorable Aziza, one of the sweetest cats alive

IC Theti's Felius Aziza II of Zannalee
lilac smoke Oriental Shorthair Variant (spay)
DOB: March 18, 2000

This pic is taken during her litter, you can see her little tummy waddle ;-)

Aziza just loves it on our balcony

Watching her toy

Wanting her toy!

Look at those gorgeous green eyes


July 9, 2000 Deinze (B) Ex1
August 20, 2000 Rotterdam (NL) Ex1 + Nominated for Best in Show
November 5, 2000 Wassenaar (NL) Ex1
September 7, 2003 Rotterdam (NL) 2nd CAC + Best of Breed
January 28, 2001 Utrecht (NL) 1st CAC
April 15, 2001 Rotterdam (NL) 2nd CAC
September 23, 2001 Nijmegen (NL) 3rd CAC
October 7, 2001 Schiedam (NL) 1st CACIB
December 9, 2001 Rotterdam (NL) 2nd CACIB
March 3, 2002 Jülich-Broich (D) 3rd CACIB + Best of Breed