Kirazamber Info


The Kirazamber Cattery is situated in Lelystad, The Netherlands. We take pride in breeding healthy, happy kittens. All of the Kirazamber cats are living with us as full family members. Except for sometimes nursing queens with newborn kittens none of our cats are caged. Kittens are raised underfoot.

Of course we breed kittens for our own pleasure, but we can't keep them all. Therefore we occasionally have kittens up for adoption. Also, we try to contribute to the Oriental genepool in order to maintain a healthy breed, we therefore work together with several breeders who share our ethics and goals. Our main goal is to breed healthy cats with a good constitution and exquisite temperament, who meet their breed standard. Although we aim for certain colors and patterns, we follow the rule of "first you build the barn, then you paint it".

Since we initially breed on longhairs, most of our shorthair kittens are carriers of the longhair factor. However, we might have some pure shorthair combinations too, although their offspring will usually be used in the longhairs again.

We show our cats (mainly in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany) to keep in touch with the (ever evolving) breed standard. It is also a good way of meeting other catlovers and to promote the breed and our cattery.
We sometimes show CFA with the cats we have that are qualified for that, our Oriental Shorthairs and Longhairs.

Ť You can contact us by sending an email
or give us a call at phone no. +31 (0)320 230 659


Our short- and longterm plans concern broadening the genepool to maintain health and longevity; improving type and focussing on certain colors and patterns.
The colors and patterns we try to specialize in are black tabby; cinnamon/fawn (solid and pointed); lilac point, white (green-eyed, odd-eyed and blue-eyed) and an occasional bicolor.
However, with all colors in the mix, including red and silver, we usually have rainbow litters :)

Patience is a major part of breeding and we have plenty of that.
Meanwhile, we immensely enjoy all our kitties.


To better accomplish our above mentioned goals, we work together with a few reputable breeders in The Netherlands as well as abroad.

- Beth Gardner, Haya-Ji Cattery -
Early 2001 I met Beth and we have become very good friends. We got our 2 girls Leilani and Promise from her, and a son of our Maestro went to live with her in sunny California, USA. Beth has recently taken a break from breeding but our cooperation will not end nor will our friendship! Who knows what the future will bring..

- Ingeborg Koster, Druidís Lodge Cattery -
Ingeborg, my friend who lives in Clinge, The Netherlands, is an Oriental breeder who has taken on the challenge of owning (or being owned by) Kirazamber's Jungle Joy. We do a lot of linechasing together, as we are both very interested in genetics and ancestry.

- Kris Flossie, Cattery Markies de Carabbas -
Having met Kris at shows several times over the past years, it wasn't until January 2004 that we started a conversation at a Belgian show which resulted in a close friendship. Even though our cooperation is basically limited to the shorthairs, we feel we can be of significant meaning to eachother, and not only in breeding cats..
Kris is located in Antwerp, Belgium.

- Marjan and Paul Kort, Cattery Release -
Marjan and Paul, living in Lelystad, The Netherlands, are the owners of Belle, one of our kittens from a previous litter. With her they have taken their first step into the world of tabbies, after having bred only solids for years.

- Sylvia van der Sman, Norbulingka Cattery -
Sylvia and I met when she was looking for a Balinese girl, hoping to infuse the Tibetans with some new bloodlines. ("Tibe-what? Yes, it's a breed, although some beg to differ" :) They are longhaired Tonkinese but only accepted in Dutch IDP catclubs.)
When she met Bonny though, a chocolate tortie ticked tabby Oriental Longhair girl, it was love at first sight.. Sylvia hasn't entirely tossed the idea of breeding Tibetans yet but embraced our entire breed group, the long and short of it :) She is now owned and overwhelmed by Bonny, Susie and Faye, all Kirazamber girls with matching personalities!
Sylvia lives in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

Together we hope to accomplish great results with these wonderful breeds.


We breed under the independent cat association rules, which means in general we can combine all breeds in our breed group. However, we will not breed variants back into the shorthairs, simply because we do not want to upset the shorthair breeders :)

Under our association any pointed cat (except the bicolor pointeds) will be registered as a Siamese or, in case of a longhair, Balinese. It doesnít matter if their ancestry contains Oriental or only pointed. This means that IDP and TICA (who has similar regulations) members can easily work together without restrictions.

For CFA members itís more restricted, since they only allow cats with pointed ancestors in the four classic colors in their pedigree to be registered Siamese or Balinese. Any other pointed cat will be called, depending on their color/pattern and ancestry, Colorpoint Shorthair or Javanese, or pointed Oriental Shorthair or Longhair (or simply AOV).

FIFE has their ruling a bit in between, Siamese/Balinese may contain Oriental, but no silver. Recently they have accepted cinnamon in the Siamese/Balinese and also bicolor, however, bicolor pointeds have been accepted as a separate breed called Seychellois. FIFE does not recognize the white Oriental.

Bicolor pointeds have show status in CFA, TICA and FIFE. In CFA they are referred to as OSH/OLH, in TICA Siamese/Balinese, in FIFE Seychellois. They have not yet been accepted for show in IDP although some cat clubs do allow them in breeding programs.

Since all of our catsí ancestry contains Oriental bloodlines, and many of them cinnamon; silver; red and bicolor, most of our cats are not suitable for CFA and FIFE Siamese/Balinese breeding programs.
For the full colored Oriental Shorthair and Longhair there is no restriction so CFA and FIFE members can acquire these for their breeding programs and show them as well.