July 2005

Annet Wouters, Izhayla's Cattery
My mentor, my friend

April 11, 1964 - June 12, 2006

"The Spirit Carries On"
by Dream Theater

Annet and I at show with Brooklyn, August 2005

My dearest Annet,
Too soon, way too soon you were taken away from those you loved, and from those that loved you. Saying 'It's not fair!' is how I feel, but it won't bring you back, however much I want to.
We have had our ups and then a definite down, but we found eachother again and continued our intense friendship like there had been no hurt. We thought we would be friends forever, little did we know our time would be cut short.
I will miss you so much, but you will never be forgotten. You live on in many little faces here.
So many people's hearts you have touched, amongst them mine, I feel lucky to have known you and call you my friend.

I hope that where you are now, you are happy and content, reunited with your beloved Lieltje, Syndi and Pacey.
One day we will be reunited too, and it will be a joyous time. Until then, I hope you will be my guardian angel, God knows I can use one..

Love, with all my heart,

*kindred spirits forever*